Monday, April 9, 2018

Reclaiming Shilo Snow

   Reclaiming Shilo Snow is book #2 following The Evaporation of Sofi Snow--another fantastic read from Mary Weber. In this high-stakes, action-packed sequel, Sofi Snow must conquer her fears, her love, her hatred--even her very own mind--in order to make it off of the alien planet of Delon alive.

   After finding out that her brother was abducted by the alien race masquerading as allies to earth's many celebrated ambassadors, Reclaiming Shilo Snow begins where the first book left off: Sofi and Miguel are sneaking through the technologically-advanced corridors of the planet where the alien race of Delonese make their home. Sofi is sure that they have her brother held captive somewhere, just like they were holding dozens of other children over the years, using them as lab-rats in an attempt to rebuild their population. Despite the massive leaps in medical technology they've provided, the trafficking and experimentation the Delonese are subjecting upon earth's people comes as a horrid shock. Sofi's journey to reclaim her brother from their grasp turns into a much bigger problem--one that will have far-reaching consequences ranging all across the earth, if earth survives.

   Mary Weber intertwines science-fiction with the horrid reality of human trafficking and the underground black-market that is so easy to put out of our minds today. The story shifts between Sofi and Miguel's perspectives--two teenagers fighting for their lives and the lives of everyone across the globe, whether they realize it or not. They are the silent forces, ushering safety and peace into the dark corners of the world where parents aren't equipped to protect their children, and the market for evil reaches further and grows bigger than anyone realizes. Between the cracks, Weber develops characters with compassion for the lost and broken, and compassion for those that have hurt us in the most painful way. She presents characters who could easily be seen as fully evil in a way that appreciates that there are two sides to every story. She doesn't ignore the complexity and nuance of each individual life.

   Weber conveys emotion with alarming accuracy through the eyes of two teenage characters, and her two-part series following the Snow siblings carries an important message to the darkness of today.

   --Elise T--

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