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A Recommendation from Lando

As a bookseller I've been saying for years that we need more fiction books that tell parts of the "Mennonite Story". As many Mennonites in North America embrace modern culture the remarkable stories of the past are lost. Thankfully Danny Unrau has given us a fascinating and well written account beginning in 1876 and coming into current times. I loved how he connected various family members by going forwards and backwards in time. Some of the twists and turns of events were very surprising and kept me turning pages. Maybe I wasn't listening earlier but I had never heard of the Jewish and Mennonite connections in Russia. So interesting to me to see two people groups really in search of freedom of religion and a life of peace yet experiencing much persecution and hardship. And how not all Mennonites kept subscribing to "pacifism"; some leaving that element of their faith behind. I appreciated how Unrau developed some of the main characters and paid a lot of a

Guest Blog Post by Bryan Davis

  This week the newest Bryan Davis book arrived.... Exodus Rising is the third book in the Tales of Starlight Series!! We love it when Bryan comes to visit us here in Canada so I thought I would ask if he would be willing to write us a post for us and was thrilled when he agreed. I think you will enjoy what he has to say about  encouraging young readers to think deeply.  See here for complete listing of Bryan Davis  books Stretching Young Readers by Bryan Davis When I began writing Raising Dragons, I pondered the "depth" concept. Can I write a deep story that's geared toward young readers? Most of the Christian books I had read for young people were pretty superficial, in fact, boring. They seemed intentionally dumbed down, and I thought most readers in the target age group must be yawning or even insulted. I decided to write a straightforward story that contained hidden depth. Any astute reader would be able to gather the hidden treasures, while the yo