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Leadership Review

Here at House of James, we are fortunate enough to be able to host many different events. We often have music in our coffeehouse (in fact Jacob Moon is going to be here again on Friday, June 28) , we have authors like Bryan Davis come and visit us (encouraging our youth to read and pursue writing dreams) , we have new authors like Trudy Beyak come in for book launches (her book is quite amazing, you should read it and find out for yourself) , we have occasional workshops and we have breakfast meetings (with hot yummy breakfasts baked fresh in our coffeehouse) …we are blessed to be able to serve in a variety of areas and we love it! Last week we had Rick Goossen visit and talk about his new book, Entrepreneurial Leadership ,   which he co-authored with R. Paul Stevens. It was quite a morning as many of our community business men and women arrived early for a freshly made breakfast served with plenty of coffee. Upon walking into the store, there was a buzz around the room as peo