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Imagine Your Life Without Fear

  Frankly, I can't. And I'm not alone! Driving to work yesterday, the top news story on the radio was, "People are afraid, stressed, depressed and angry!  Are we facing another recession?"  That seems to be the main worry fueling the fear. What will happen to my savings? Will I still have a job? Can I make my house payments? How can I make my grocery dollars stretch? When will I be able to buy my son the glasses he needs?  What am I supposed to do about the overdue bills on my kitchen counter? Will there be any money for retirement? My own night terrors are different but the pounding heart feels the same!  What will happen when my husband has his upcoming open heart surgery?   Will my daughter's home in Thailand be flooded? Should my dad be in a care home or in his own home? What will happen if I get too far behind at work? WHY WON'T MY HEART STOP POUNDING? I pulled a book off of the New Releases shelf last week. The very act of taking it off the shelf had