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Notorious Sinner

All is Grace by Brennan Manning, is on one level a very ordinary biography of a christian "personality". But on a much more important level, it is a life long tribute to God's grace - in spite of alcoholism, divorce, and many other obstacles.  Beginning with a difficult, love-deprived childhood, moving through military service to catholic seminary and into an amazing ministry, Brennan is a living, breathing testimony to the reality that God gifts and uses flawed and sinful people. In fact,  he called his support group for the final years the "Notorious Sinners"....a tribute to their desire to support each other in spite of "the sin that easily besets us". ~~Rick

Bibles Bibles Bibles

The most recent issue of National Geographic celebrates the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible . What perfect timing as we celebrate the first coming of the One who is spoken of in those Scriptures.  In more "Bible" news, it was tremendously encouraging to read in Joel Rosenberg's latest email that  Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will soon be hosting a weekly Bible study in his home. Wow. I could hardly believe my eyes. After all these years, the Bible is still revered, read, studied and followed, even by folks who would not call themselves "Christians".  At our last staff meeting, Rick, who works in our Bible Reference Dept., highlighted two Bibles that you will want to know more about.  The first was the English Standard Version (ESV)  Student Study Bible .  One of the many preachers who recommends the ESV is Mark Driscoll.  I watched him preach from it last Sunday.  He has been preparing sermons from the book of Luke for the last 2 year

Book Discovery!

It has been awhile since we have posted on this blog.  Life here at the store has sped up as the season of Christ's birth has approached.  We are happy to resume letting you know about books we love and recommend.  The following is from Lando's daughter Aimee. Lando and his wife Kathy own the store and have obviously passed on their love of books to their family. Today while I was at my parents' bookstore I made a great children's book discovery. If you've ever read Brennan Manning, then the theme in this book will come as no surprise to you.  It is about God's wide reaching, all encompassing love and how nothing we can do can separate us from it.  The story is set in Mexico with a beautiful couple playfully engaging with neighbourhood children, asking them questions, making food together, laughing. The children in the story learn that God is the giver of all good things and that he cares about every part of their lives.  I love the illustrations, t

Imagine Your Life Without Fear

  Frankly, I can't. And I'm not alone! Driving to work yesterday, the top news story on the radio was, "People are afraid, stressed, depressed and angry!  Are we facing another recession?"  That seems to be the main worry fueling the fear. What will happen to my savings? Will I still have a job? Can I make my house payments? How can I make my grocery dollars stretch? When will I be able to buy my son the glasses he needs?  What am I supposed to do about the overdue bills on my kitchen counter? Will there be any money for retirement? My own night terrors are different but the pounding heart feels the same!  What will happen when my husband has his upcoming open heart surgery?   Will my daughter's home in Thailand be flooded? Should my dad be in a care home or in his own home? What will happen if I get too far behind at work? WHY WON'T MY HEART STOP POUNDING? I pulled a book off of the New Releases shelf last week. The very act of taking it off the shelf had