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What exactly is in a word

word :[wurd] noun 1.a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning. There is power in the spoken word....words can be good or bad, positive or negative, helpful or hurtful...what we say and how we say it is as important as the interpretation of what we said. There is power in the written word. They can tell a story, convince us to take a stand, or provide us with's post is about a word, just one word. I have found myself feeling somewhat scattered the past seems that my lists are simply too long... I have so much that should or could get done, so many deadlines and wish lists that I felt nothing was actually getting accomplished. As I started the new year I wondered what it would bring, what God wanted from me, how could I help my kids, what needed to happen at work or in my volunteer life....what about my friends and relationships? The more

My Heart is Steadfast

Reflections from Rick I was reading Psalm 57 recently and was struck by verse 7: "My heart is steadfast, O god, my heart is steadfast!..." I think the reason why that declaration captured my attention is that I am so often NOT steadfast. The context suggests that David was in some kind of trouble, and he was crying out to God for His mercy, and help.When I need God's help, "steadfast" is often the least likely heart response that I might be manifesting. Things like "desperate" or "frustrated" or even "angry" is much closer to the surface. resolution before God is to become more steadfast in the face of life's adversities. I cannot claim to have the kind of turmoil that David had, but in my own little struggles, I can emulate this great man of God, and try to be more steadfast in my trust of God's Grace and Mercy; even when it is not the most obvious response to the circumstances. David was called &qu