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Learning to Read...

One of my favorite activities is to read stories to young children; somehow you cannot help but get caught up in their excitement!!  When my kids were young I read to them daily. Sometimes I found it was difficult as I was tired and knew that a pile of laundry the size of Chicago threatened my basement, not to mention the dishes that felt as tall as Mount Everest on the counter…sometimes I would try to hurry the process by ‘missing’ a page (which rarely worked) but regardless of the chaos surrounding us we always made time for a book or two (or three). Encouraging children to develop a love of reading at an early age lays the foundation for strong literacy skills, which are crucial for future success.  Exposing babies to books and reading increases vocabulary, makes it easier for them to learn to read later on, and it offers opportunities for positive interactions with the adults in their lives. Early exposure to language—whether through books, words, or songs—can help prevent pr