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California Girls Can Cook Too!

if they have the newly arrived and highly anticipated cookbook Mennonite Girls Can Cook . I bought it last week when it hit the shelves, not because I need another cookbook, but because I am addicted to shiny pages of food pictures and riveting text about edibles (and life!) Lovella Schellenberg is a local lady who posted a recipe for Paska ((Easter bread) on her personal blog in 2007. Friends and relations started comparing notes and blogs and recipes and realized a shared love for delicious "Mennonite" style food. The result? A shared cookery blog and now a book! Actually I lied earlier. I do need this cookbook. It contains recipes for food that my husband has been requesting since we got married 35 years ago. I grew up in San Diego with an extremely healthy-food conscious mother. Our school lunches consisted of meatloaf sandwiches on whole wheat bread, applesauce and wheatgerm cookies, unlike our friends who unwrapped a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread su

Staff Picks

Take a look at what several of our staff are reading and recommending: Linda - Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews is an amazing book!  This is my current favorite. I loved it because I really like reading fiction based on Bible characters. Job is not often written about, probably because it would be too depressing! But this book made him a real person and helped me understand the circumstances that he went through." Also from Linda - "Another favorite fiction book is Love Me Back to Life by  Missy Horsfall which shows a realistic portrayal of the healing process from sexual abuse in the family setting." Bonnie - "My favorite book right now is called Heaven is for Real about a little boy at death's door during a serious surgery. He reveals over time, after recovering, that he actually spent some time with Jesus in heaven.  It is the most genuinely encouraging story coming from the sweet lips of a 4 year old who could not possibly have known of such detail