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Red Sea Rules - Thoughts from a non-reader

                         : Thoughts from my friend Jenelle on the book Red Sea Rules : I was given this book to read to see what I thought about it.  I am not usually one to read a lot of books and the books I do read take me about a year to complete.  I really am more of a movie person.  But this book was inconceivable.  I had a difficult time pulling myself away from the astounding points that it has to offer. And the quotes that were referenced throughout the book were mind blowing yet so simple.  It's kind of like one of those things that seems so obvious yet our human mind never seems to recognize the facts when they are right in front of us.  Sometimes when we are too close to something it can be impossible to see clearly and we therefore find ourselves facing difficult challenges and are unable to see a way out or even a clear path to indicate which direction to even look to.   John R. Rice quotes in the book, "Worry is putting question marks where God has

Red Sea Rules

The Red Sea Rules About 10 years ago I heard Robert Morgan speak about his book The Red Sea Rules at a Thomas Nelson sales conference.  (Thomas Nelson is the publisher.)  I knew I'd be selling the book to bookstores but his message cut right through the sales pitches and all that sort of thing.  I knew I needed to read it.  I had been going through big transitions and was looking for biblical perspective.  I found it in The Red Sea Rules .  This powerful little book is filled with God's perspective that I think might apply to everyone.  I picked it up again and have been re-reading it.  Yup.  Still a great book.  If your view into the future looks uncertain or if your present circumstances don't match your expectations, I'd recommend you give this book a read.  I think and hope you'll be glad you did.  Let me know what you think of it.  Gary