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How do we read our Bible?

A few weeks ago I (Denise) had a chance to hear George Guthrie speak at a conference in Richmond...I found some of what he said astounding!! The day started with some interesting stories and statistics (such as 10% of Americans think that Joan of Arc was Noah's wife ). Soon I found the day would be filled with wonderful tools that would encourage me to dig into my Bible in a way I had not done in a long time.  As the day progressed I was challenged...challenged to read more, challenged to read better and challenged to dig deeper! I came away wanting to take out some of my reference books and start searching!! Dr Guthrie has a long list of credentials which you can read here if you choose, but the main focus of the weekend was Bible Literacy. an understanding of how to read the parts of Scripture well, a perspective on the Bible as a grand story God has written on the world, a grasp of the themes of Scripture that thread their way powerfully and beautifully from the beginn