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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Presenting our first customer review:       This is an amazing book. Nabeel takes the reader on a journey from his devout belief in Islam to his eventual turning with the same passion to faith in Jesus Christ. The reader walks with him as he agonizes with what that decision means for him and for his family. People speak about a "crisis of faith" but this story lets you see and feel the struggle.      Nabeel is a highly educated man with an academic and scientific mind. He became fast friends with "David" who he went through high school and university with, and both eventually became doctors. Through all of this, David challenges Nabeel to look at Christianity with his academic and scientific mind. The transformation did not happen quickly. Nabeel writes with excruciating honesty as he compares both beliefs. As he does, the reader gains clear insights into the beliefs of so many of our Muslim neighbours and gives valuable insight into how to share our faith in J