Friday, November 5, 2010

What Good is God?

 Philip Yancey talks about his latest book What Good is God?

There was a day when we Christians would not countenance for an instant, questions about God's worth, reliability, character or presence.  We were just supposed to accept everything by faith, swallow our questions and wear a brave face. 

Yancey never presumes to have all the answers, but he does humbly and without railing invite us to journey with him as he explores the reasons for believing in and following God with all of our heart.

Ravi Zacharias, C. S. Lewis, Lee Strobel, and N. T. Wright are just a few of the brilliant, contemporary apologists who brilliantly and knowledgeably stand beside Philip Yancey in defending, explaining and validating our faith. 

Yancey tells us that he is more of an explorer than a defender.  But I have found that the stories he tells and the illustrations he uses do strengthen my conviction that our faith is defensible.
What good is God?  No good whatsoever, if he is a god made in our own image. Philip Yancey gives us a clear view of the One True God, full of grace and glory.

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