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Surprised by Toby Mac

Staff member Marilyn has worked here at House of James for 23 years and has seen thousands of books come and go, so when she takes particular notice of a book, then I take note of her taking note! She came to me last week and asked if I had read  City on our Knees by Toby Mac, recording artist, producer and songwriter.  Her actual words were, "Becky, do you know which book just totally blew me away?" I've seen the book here in the store. It has kind of a cool and funky cover - transparent black and green, very striking. But I had never actually picked it up and looked at the contents. Marilyn plans to read the book again. That's a VERY good sign! I have to admit this book took me by surprise!  If I had to limit myself to one word to describe it, I would have to say "encouraging".  It reads like a "who's who" of ordinary people touched and molded by an extraordinary God. Some of these people you would recognize, others you probably have never