Thursday, July 25, 2019

Birds of Pray

We have a new reviewer in the house! Twelve-year-old Logan Klassen, grandson of Barb, (she's been here for over 20 years!) who loves to read, has wanted to review some books for us and we're very excited about that!
Some things to know about Logan are: he goes to Abbotsford Christian School and is in grade 7. He LOVES sports and dreams of one day being a sportscaster (I've heard he's very good at it already). He's involved in ball hockey, basketball, volleyball, cross country and track!

"In 2017, when the Eagles (being the underdogs), won the Super Bowl, the team had many Christians on their team and they prayed regularly as a team. The team grew closer because of their faith. This book is good for sports fans who would like to read how faith and prayer can have a positive effect on a team."

-Logan Klassen-

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Camp Average

Why be number one when you can be number two?

Sports summer camp Camp Average (officially Camp Avalon) loves to boast about being in second place. Their team chant is “we’re number two!”. They never win at any sport, and Mack and the other boys of cabin 10 are quite happy with it that way. But this summer is different. This summer, they have new camp director, and this guy is hyper competitive and has one goal for their camp: to win. In an attempt to reclaim their easy going summer routine, Mack tries to lead the whole camp in a rebellion of utter failure. The boys will have to work together, and push through the torturous training Winston insists on putting them through in order to win back their Camp Average fun.

I picked up this book at the recommendation of a customer, and it was well worth it. Craig Battle, a Canadian author who has written for OWL magazine and has worked as a camp counselor, writes a great story. While I am in no way a sports fan, I found myself getting pulled into the boys story and the hi-jinks, plotting, pranks and struggles that ensued. The boys of the cabin are well varied in character and can appeal to a wide variety of readers. Battle’s writing is simple, concise but clear, and does an excellent job of conveying enough for the reader to have a vivid picture of the campers and their camp life without being overly wordy.

For a kid struggling to get into reading, or someone who loves a good sports story, I recommend this fun Canadian read. 


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