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She Makes It Look Easy

Whoa, this is a book and a half. Based on something that happened in the author's own community,  She Makes It Look Easy chronicles the very different lives of two women. Ariel Baxter has three rambunctious boys, a messy house and dreams of becoming a professional photographer. She loves the Lord and her family but her life is definitely NOT put together. Her new neighbor Justine has everything under perfect control - her husband, her two daughters, her home, her yard, her spiritual life.  She even teaches classes on organizational techniques. Your basic Proverbs 31 woman. Scary. Except....not all is as it seems. Justine is a cruel, self-centered, predatory woman bent on pursuing her own agenda. Outwardly perfect, inwardly she is a seething mass of resentment, lust and deceit. Self-righteous even in her perversity, she brings down all those who come within her scope of influence.  Ariel is mesmerized by the facade, enraptured by the perfection and completely deceived by her new