Saturday, June 20, 2015

Times Two

Words by Sheree Plett, illustrations by Shari-Anne Vis
"However long that it
would take to reach the
highest point in space,
that's how deep my love
is, dear, that's how far
my love would trace."
     This pure work of art is written in form of a lyric poem - defined as emotional and song-like, originally accompanied by a lyre when spoken or sung.  

     "A warm-hearted, lyrical book about the limitlessness of love."

     It is a children's book, but as is often the case, it is enjoyable and applicable for all ages. (We're all only older, taller, ever-so-slightly-more-knowledgeable children, throughout our lives after all, aren't we?)

     The "limitlessness" of love is probably something everyone could use a reminder about every so often, and what better way than through a simple song accompanied by touching, adorable, and colourful art?

     It was released a couple of years ago but I hadn't seen it on the shelf until today, and as soon as I did I had to pick it up. Childish or not, the simplicity of the words and the pure, bare truth in them draws you in and is a warming, comforting reminder that you are loved - fully, truly, warmly, and glamorously - and it is a striking and beautiful thing.

     The perfect book to raise your spirits on a dreary, no good, very bad day, because we all have those, sometimes all too often.


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