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I'm Not Good Enough...

and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves.   A dear friend discovered this book by "happenstance". She raved about it, quoted from it and recommended it. So I asked her to write about it for our blog. Thank you Jenelle! I stepped into House of James with my grandmother one day and she spotted this book.  Since it is not only what I am struggling with but what my counsellor is teaching me, I thought I'd give it a try. It has made all the difference in my life. It is a book by Sharon Jaynes that not only points out the negative messages women tell themselves but also helps you to fight them by finding the Bible's liberating truth.  One thing I loved when I first opened it is that it begins by recognizing who the enemy is and what he is capable of in our lives.  Sharon has a way of helping us to reject the deceiver and call upon our Savior for assistance in our time of need. After finding out who the enemy is, Sharon helped me to really recognize my negative message

Everyone Loves them

                                           WATCH THIS FIRST! (and then read what staff member Esther has to say)  First, a confession. I watch Veggie Tales. I’m too old to have claimed to grow up on them, but neither do I have the convenient excuse of having kids in tow when I browse that section of our store. For those with kids, indulge your funny bone, and for those without, rest assured that you’re in good company!   When I was asked to write about “It’s a Marvelous Life” I thought of my favorite Larry the cucumber quote “I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob”. Well (except for the crying) this show would suffice in filling that description. This mix of spoofs of Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, and It’s a Wonderful Life got all smooshed together to produce what I think may be Veggie Tales most heartwarming “feel-good” show to date. Slightly different from their normal fare, it’ll still appeal to kids and non-kids alike. It delves into the world of sports,

I Quit!

is the title of  a book that I am reading over my lunch breaks. The sub-title is: Stop Pretending Everything is Fine and Change Your Life. The content and conclusions that author Geri Scazzero draws are too important to wait for me to finish reading the whole book.  I remember when I personally stopped pretending 14 years ago. It was a shock to everyone! But man did I meet and make a lot of friends through the process.  The author says, "Jesus invited me into the Christian life to enjoy a rich banquet at his table. Instead, it often felt like I was a galley slave, laboring to serve everyone else at the feast rather than enjoying it myself.  In my relationship with Jesus, I'd gone from the great joy of feeling overwhelmed by his love to bitter resentment at feeling overwhelmed by his demands.  My identity had been swallowed up in putting others before myself.  I constantly thought of the needs of our four small daughters.  I worried about Pete's responsibilities. I fill

Whetting your appetite

Yesterday we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving.  For the first time in years, I did not stress out. Turns out I should have. The fellowship was grand, the food was not.  I roasted 2 ducks (a last minute ill-advised impulse), opened a can of chicken gravy, poured boiling water onto instant potato flakes; did the same to instant stuffing and served a store bought apple pie.  My family graciously choked down a few morsels but it was not my finest festive moment.  I'm quite sure that particular menu would not tempt any of you, but I am hoping that the following offering of books will.  They are all newcomers.  Our "new arrivals" shelf is right near the tills at the front and every time I pass it, I want to reach out and graze.   Dancing with Max by Emily Colson. Yes, she is Chuck Colson's daughter and Max is her son.  Max is 19 years old and autistic.  Emily is a single mom who writes honestly and earnestly. Although Charles Colson writes the prologue as well as the

The Big Red Tractor

Miss Denise reads a story From Denise's desk: Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good children's book...I love to read them out loud, and I love the interaction that can follow. This past week I found a new story to add to my favourites!! Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God , has written a book for kids called The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village . This is an absolutely delightful tale that instantly grabbed me. It goes something like this: A small farming village loves their big tractor, unfortunately none of them really knows what the tractor can do, they love the size and the sound it makes but it is hard to use and heavy to push (obviously the villagers do not know how to use it properly). All the villagers just think that is the way it is until Farmer Dave uncovers a dusty old book in an attic and discovers the tractor was meant to do much more. Although the village laughs and makes fun of Farmer Dave, he doesn'