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A Deeper Understanding.

 I have read a number of good books of was my intent to tell you about one of them but then I saw something...something wonderful and I could not resist letting you know about it!  The new Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary !! A good commentary is one of the most helpful tools when studying and this week we received one that has me very excited! This is a beautiful book that is filled with section-by-section notes from 43 leading scholars; it provides not only a great overview of the text but includes vibrant, full colored images designed to help us gain a deeper understanding of the time or place. This commentary is filled with great information that can be used by everyone, it is accurate and intelligent without being so academic that it is hard to use. I am a bit of a geek and I love reference books, they give us such great insight into the Bible and help us to understand His Word which in turn gives us a better understanding of God Himself. When studying there are a c