Friday, May 5, 2017

Us Versus Us

Surprisingly, 86% of LGBT people spent their childhood in church.

Gay rights and homosexuality are a hot button topic both in religious and secular circles. Mention one side of the discussion and you are bound to get someone breathing down your neck about how incorrect you are. Even within your circle of belief, there can be disagreement.

Us Versus Us breaks from that in a very refreshing way. Rather than discuss theology, Andrew Marin takes us on a sort of guided tour on this social civil war between the two camps and shows how not so far apart we are. The book draws on the largest scientific survey of LGBT religious backgrounds, beliefs and practices to create a more clear picture of their story. The research is anonymous, but features both quantitative and qualitative information to show the variety of experiences and mindsets out there. Marin uses this information to speak to both sides on the theology of reconciliation and seeking to show Christ's compassion to all. Throughout the book he continually points out that it is not a theological change that needs to happen, but a ministry and heart change.

Both encouraging and heart-breaking, the combination of the survey and personal stories builds a fuller picture of the issue. If you need a starter on the discussion, or are already in the thick of it, I highly recommend you read Us Versus Us. I think everyone needs to read this, to learn to understand what the LGBT community needs from us as followers of Christ.


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