Monday, November 2, 2015

New Titles

     There are so many good things just flooding into the store, I feel the need to share! From some particularly excellent authors, we're getting some sequels and series finales, and some more standalone novels. Now, I am still biased towards fiction in particular, so that is my focus. But not to worry. Non-fiction is still making a rise in the bookshelves of my mind. More on that at another time.

     For this post I would like to feature a few New Arrivals. Yes, in Fiction. In Historical Fiction, if you want to get really precise.

     This one here is eagerly awaited; Lynn Austin's conclusion to The Restoration Chronicles. If you're into historical Christian fiction, this is the author for you. It would be a surprise if you hadn't heard of her already.

     "Travel with Nehemia to Jerusalem to rebuild the city's broken walls. Lynn Austin affirms faith in the midst of oppression, and hope that, in spite of appearances, the gracious hand of God is upon those who believe. Her novels continue to set the standard for biblical and historical fiction."

     Now, keeping with this theme, Angela Hunt is back with another novel about another queen. This time, Bathsheba.


      I'm right in the middle of this one, and I stand once again amazed. I'll address it more fully once I've finished, with a post of its own. For now, just know that it is worth the time. It is the second book of Hunt's Dangerous Beauty series. Esther was the first, and Hunt is currently working on Delilah. I would consider this a worthwhile read in the meantime.

     Following the story of David and Bathsheba from the Bible, she elaborates with cultural clues and historical hints to make the brief account come alive with character and emotion and terrifying speculation. Angela Hunt surely has a way with her own style of historical fiction.

     And now for a personal favourite of mine, Ted Dekker is one of those authors where I started with one of his books and then I had to read them all. His Circle series has had me hooked from page one.

     A.D.33 is the sequel to A.D.30, following the story of Maviah of Dumah. Outcast. Rejected. Nothing but a woman under the law of men. She is desperately trying to unite her people to fight back against their oppressors; to save her father and the man she loves, held captive by the enemy that overthrew their kingdom. And in the process, she comes face-to-face quite literally with the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

    Though she does not understand who he is at the time.

     Dekker's speculation and portrayal of the time period and the characters therein is spectacular. His depiction of Jesus is breathtaking - awe-striking - and I cannot wait to crack this novel open and devour whatever happens next. I've been desperately awaiting this release since I finished A.D. 30 and I already know that I will not be disappointed.

     I must say, this is just an exciting season for readers of Christian fiction everywhere. You can expect a breathless, full account of Bathsheba and A.D.33 from me in the coming months - there is no way I can help myself, and I won't apologize either. Prepare to be amazed.


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