Monday, November 16, 2015

A.D. 33

     This is a book that robs me of breath, captivates me, mind, heart and soul, and continues to draw my thoughts days after I've finished reading. It's the kind of book that stays with me, for better I hope, and in some ways, it gives me courage.

     A.D. 33 follows Ted Dekker's last book, A.D. 30 - the story of Maviah, Queen of Desert Outcasts and desolate daughter of the overthrown sheikh of Dumah. In the previous book, her desperate search for help and strength took her to kings - to Aretas in Petra, and to Herod in Rome. But A.D 33 begins when she has found strength in her own people - in the Bedouin tribes of the desert that desire to overthrow the Thamud ravaging their capital.

     The Thamud, who hold Maviah's lover, Judah, and her father, sheikh Rami, in the dungeons of her homeland. Like criminals.

     But this book is as much about Maviah as it is about Yeshua. If not more so. This Yeshua, this prophet, this zealot, this god - he teaches a Way so foreign to the tribes of the desert. He teaches a Way so different from an eye for an eye. And Maviah draws power from this man's teachings. Together with Saba, she journeys back and forth from the desert to Jerusalem, to Bethany, where she might find grace and strength and saving in this man of Nazareth. He is the Way, and both Maviah and Saba long to follow him, and to trust him.

    Dekker portrays Yeshua in a beautiful, breathtaking way that leaves me wanting...more. I want to know more. I want to read more. I want to see more. And so I turn to His word.

     And what better effect could a writer hope to establish in his readers?

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