Friday, June 5, 2015


     For someone who is far from fearless, this should prove to be an interesting introduction of sorts for me. My name is Elise, and I will be looking after this dear blog for a little while, hopefully conveying my love for blogging, books, and words, through the vast and wavering realm of the web.

     Today we're featuring the book Fearless, by Eric Blehm, reviewed by one of our own. As our latest hire, Michael is still getting a feel for things, but his love for reading is a definite asset, and he's put it to good use with his review of this biography:

Fearless is Adam Brown's story. Starting with the tales of an adventurous three year old jumping from the second story window of his home, a dare devil teenager who jumped from a speeding cars and faced down deathly situations with out breaking a sweat; Adam was a Navy SEAL before he even won his trident. This is an incredible story about redemption, resilience, and family. Witness the unbelievable true story of Adam Brown as he conquerors personal tragedy, drug addiction, and injury. This is an inspirational true story of a man who knows:
God gave me a gift. I don't feel fear."

-- Michael Peters
For any additional information, you can see the book here on our website:

     And just for the record, you need have no fear about coming in to see us at our store on Emerson St. Honestly, how intimidating could a bunch of booksellers and book lovers possibly be?


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