Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Doon, Destined for

Book 1
     There are always those moments where escape would be preferable if it meant literally vanishing from this world and entering a life of importance somewhere else - a world not quite like this one. Maybe not at all like this one. A place where you have a clear and defined role that only you can play; where everyone knows it and will either try to help you or try to hinder you.

     Carie Corp and Lorie Langdon take this desire to heart and put it onto the page with a cast of characters ranging from relatable to stereotyped to outlandish to desirable, and back again, all jumping in between present-day reality and the fictional realm of Doon.

Book 2
     Two authors, two main characters: Verronica and Mackenna, setting out to explore the land of Scotland when they tumble upon the Brig O' Doon and the fantastic kingdom that lies beyond. They spiral into a web of adventure, danger, and romance that spins the kingdom of Doon to life.

     For Verronica, Doon is a kind of escape from a life that has left her wanting much. And for Mackenna it is more of a waking nightmare, and a very strange inconvenience. Two best friends, close enough to be sisters, find themselves falling into a story of royalty, world-hopping, spying, and most certainly true love. And while love is a definite focus in the story, it is only one of many, including danger and mystery, action and adventure, a couple of princes, a few disgruntled brigands, and a haunting, deeply intriguing witch-hunt.

     Doon and its subsequent sequals, including Destined for Doon, Shades of Doon (release date September 2015), and a fourth addition expected September of 2016, are the perfect escape from reality. Written for teenage girls, they are certainly a light and fluffy read, but would appeal to anyone looking for a lighthearted escape from the day-to-day; a chance to relax and ponder something out of the ordinary; a little bit of romance as far-fetched and beautiful as it is and some vicarious travel to Scotland and its lush scenery and historic appeal. Scottish accents abound.


 Available in hardcover and paperback.

For more information on Doon by Cary Corp and Lorie Langdon, visit our website here.

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