Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Staycations & Vacations

Summer is such a great time for catching up on the stack of books beside your bed. I read an article on CNN the other day referring to "staycations". For those of us staying close to home this summer, there is nothing like a lounge chair on the back porch, a long drink of ice cold root beer and all those novels you have been meaning to read on the TV tray beside you.

I'm going to be taking my book bag with me on a road trip down the Oregon coast in the next few weeks. My husband describes my ideal camping experience as: campfire, books, chai tea, books, s'mores, books, red licorice, books, long tramps along the shore, books, steamed clams and mussels, books....well, I'm sure you can see where my interests lie! I tell friends that summer holidays for me are like cleaning out the lint filter in the dryer. Can't wait!

Rick's latest fiction favourite is coming with me.

Title: Danger Close

Author: William G. Boykin

I read William "Jerry" Boykin's autobiography
Never Surrender a while ago, and was very impressed. He is a Christian, and one of the elite soldiers that founded Delta Force in the U. S. Military.

His career reads like a play book for the major military involvements that the United States has been mixed up in the last 30 years. He has led a life of discipline, commitment and faith under a wide variety of circumstances. When I saw that he had written a novel about the war on terror, I suspected that he would know what he was writing about.

I was right. This book bleeds authenticity. Although the storyline is straight-forward, the realities that he is describing are extremely disturbing. There really is "danger close"! Although I have read better written novels, I have never read one where I felt as close to the ragged edge of what the militant Muslims are really capable of doing in our open society. It is a very worthwhile read!


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