Friday, July 9, 2010

Life, In Spite of Me

Adelle reviewed this book
by Kristen Anderson at a recent staff meeting and all of us were immediately drawn in to the story. Read her thoughts for yourself to find out why.

"I rarely read biographies. This book drew me in. The sheer joy on Kristen's face on the cover caused me to pause every time I walked by the shelf (which was often on the way to the back room)
. Finally picking the book up... I then could not put it down. Written with fiction author Tricia Goyer (one of my favs) this is a powerful easy reading account.

Having a fairly normal uneventful childhood, Kristen's life changes in her teens as 3 friends and her grandmother pass away within a 2 year span. To top it off, she was raped by someone she considered a friend. From there she spirals into depression and partying.

After being grounded 'until further notice' one New Year's Eve, she ends up at the nearby train yard contemplating her self worth. Without even really realizing it, she ends up on the tracks after hearing a whistle blow. Her head tucked inside one rail, her legs hanging over the other... she turns her face away, clenches her fists and waits for peace to come.

God had other plans.... Not only does she survive being run over by the train going 50 miles an hour, but is conscious through it all. Her story is an amazing journey of healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) and a deep, deep desire to know God.

This story is an excellent resource that will help you understand the emotional struggles of self worth and thoughts that might lead to suicide. Kristen also includes encouraging notes to the reader that she wishes people had said to her.

For myself, this story challenged me to draw closer to God in all areas of life; my children, work and health. May you be especially blessed as you either read this book, or pass it on to someone else." -Adelle

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