Monday, July 12, 2010

Fruitcake and Ice Cream

Always leery of bandwagons, I hate jumping on just because everybody else is. But when a large church in the Fraser Valley ordered 10 of the bestselling Heart of Passion DVD series by Louie Giglio, curiosity soon overcame my initial reluctance. Besides, the titles of the individual episodes intrigued me. “Fruitcake and Ice Cream”? “Indescribable”?

One of my hats here at the store is the oversight of the “general entertainment, family-type” dvds. I detest mediocrity and shoddy workmanship and am always on the lookout for dvds of quality that I can recommend whole- heartedly and without reservation. The Heart of Passion not only meets but exceeds my high standards. It is a marvelous portrayal and testimony of our magnificent God.

My husband, a most manly man, weeps each time he watches any one of the 5 episodes included on the 4 disks. We have viewed them again and again by ourselves, with friends, and with our care goups. Louie Giglio, the narrator, is an enormously gifted and creative communicator.

After watching the disk entitled “Indescribable”, we reneged on our plan to go see Avatar later that week. Reason? We simply could not bear to overlay the glorious images of the constellations imprinted on our consciousness with body paint and giant pterodactyl horses, however imaginative.

What do the Hubble telescope and the journal of a college-aged party girl have in common? They both give us a glimpse of Majesty's “tender solicitude” towards His creation. After viewing any or all of this series (can be purchased individually or as a set), in the words of Paul Baloche, you will declare, “Glorious! My eyes have seen the glory of the Lord.” -Becky

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