Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sacred Dance of Grief & Joy

When staff member Linda first told me about this book, I couldn't help noticing how passionate she was. I believe you will understand why after you read both her review as well as the book itself. And don't forget to click on the youtube link at the end of her post.

"After watching an interview with Angie and Todd Smith (Todd is the lead singer of the group Selah), I knew that I needed to read the book I Will Carry You. I needed to be able to understand such grace and faith in the face of such a tragedy.

With beautiful honesty, Angie tells their story, of being 18 weeks pregnant, of learning that their beautiful baby girl had conditions leaving her "incompatible with life", and of being strongly advised to terminate the pregnancy. Together they decided to carry baby Audrey as long as God chose to give her life. They spent the next 3 months loving a little girl not expected to draw a breath.

Audrey Caroline defied the odds, and lived over two hours, weighing 3 pounds, 2 ounces. She spent her two hours being loved and cuddled by many family members and friends. She was loved, and her life made the world a better place.

Angie takes us along on the journey, sharing her incredible faith, but also the very human hurts and struggles they faced. She clearly shares the different stages of grief, but also teaches us how to comfort someone who is hurting - the right things to say, and the things you really shouldn't.
This is a beautiful, poignant read. An inspiration and a challenge to all of us.
Check out the link, and get to know Baby Audrey....." -Linda

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