Monday, June 21, 2010

Could It Happen?

Friday morning found me in the waiting room of the eye doctor. Diagnosis? Corneal abrasion. Ugh. And even further ugh was the conclusion that the surface of my eyes is eroding. I shrieked when I heard that ominous word "erode". "Please don't use those two words (eye and erode) in the same sentence!" But my doctor was quite firm. After decades of wearing rigid contact lenses, we needed to make some changes. After my appointment, I charged right back to the store and grabbed a handful of books that I had been meaning to read.

If my reading days were numbered, I was going to go down reading! So many good books to read, and so little time! But at least I got to read this one. The Last Christian by David Gregory took only part of this weekend to read and that's because I read faster and faster to find out what on earth was going to happen. Gregory is the author of other books I have often recommended, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, A Day with a Perfect Stranger and The Next Level.

This full length novel is set in 2088 (no longer that distant a future) and features an overseas missionary who comes back to a God-less, Christianity-less America. Artificial intelligence and brain transplants are opening up unlimited possibilities to those willing to pay the price. Neural implants enable virtual reality on every level.

Every page, every new scenario made me think deep thoughts! "Is this technology already available? What would I do? Are the characters in the story making the right choices? Does one even have the power to exercise choice in this new world? Would I be able to survive? How would I defend or even define my faith in Jesus Christ? How current is this book?"

I felt like I was reading "science reality" not "science fiction" and it hit way too close to home. But I'm so glad that I did read it, because I will never be the same. Yes, it's that profound. You read it too and let's talk about it!


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