Friday, June 18, 2010

Plan B (by guest blogger Gary)

Gary loves reading books that challenge him and that make him change the way he thinks. He and his family relish discussions together about the books they are reading. And he loves visiting the House of James bookstore!

"My son Aaron (22) read Plan B by Pete Wilson. When I asked him what he thought of it, his response was "Dad, you have to read this book". So I did and I loved it. More than that, it has changed the way I think.

We have an idea of what we want or expect our lives to be but when curves balls come (and they always do), we get frustrated, maybe mad at God, paralyzed and wonder what to do. We have a high expectation of being "in control" of our lives but, as Pete says, "the greatest of all illusions is the illusion of control". No matter what the circumstances of our lives are, God is in control and there are often greater purposes at work. Another pre-conceived idea is that we expect "success" if God calls us to a certain venture. If God is in it, success must be guaranteed right? But even if it does not turn out as expected, we can be assured God is still present in our circumstances and it's best to take a long term view. Maybe as long as an eternal view.

One example from my life. I had worked for three employers in a row over 25 years who all went out of business (it was not my fault really :)) and have wondered why I had to endure it three times. With the last two employers, I really felt God leading me to work there. But as I look back, the lessons learned have been priceless. As I write this, I realize this could sound like a cliché but the light bulb finally went on in a way that has caused me to realize that some of my typical responses were flawed.

I like the way Pete Wilson used big sections of biblical characters' lives as illustrations. Joseph, David, Job to name a few. Applications are made in the context of the story and are right on the mark.

In summary, this book has helped me think about the circumstances of my life in a whole new way. Before, I thought about the disappointments (plan B's) of life as ... negative. Now I would consider them as part God's plan, training and greater good even if I cannot see it or it hurts. When a book changes the way you think (which means it will change the way you live), you know it was worth reading. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. 5/5 stars."

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