Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Change Isn't Always A Bad Thing

As many of you have probably noticed, the coffee house has undergone a plethora of changes in the recent weeks. Firstly, Sarah has left us to pursue other opportunities and Adriel and I (Matt) have stepped in to take over managerial duties. We have rolled out many changes since taking over and I thought it would be convenient to recap them for you here.

Our menus have undergone a major transformation. Not only have we given them a facelift, but we have also changed our offerings. Many of our traditional salads, sandwiches and wraps have been replaced with a “build your own” option. We have easy to use forms for you to fill out and you can customize to your heart’s content. Fret not however, as we still have several of our traditional sandwiches including the BLT, grilled cheese and egg salad available. For those of you more familiar with the classic turkey or ham sandwich; do not fear as we will still honour such requests.

Now, menu changes have not been limited to solely food options. We have also revamped and expanded our drink options. The newest editions to our generous line-up include the very popular Oreo frappé and the classic caramel macchiato. Of course, we still do have your favourite smoothies, lattes and Italian sodas available as well.

In addition, we have also added some new offerings to our pop cooler including an array of options from the Rocky Mountain Soda Company- everything from a refreshing prickly pear flavoured soda to a classic root beer.

We would like to thank each and everyone one of you for making this management transition as smooth as it has been. Your patience has been extraordinary and your reception to our new ideas has been nothing short of touching. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the high level of service you’ve come to expect from us here at the House of James coffee house.


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  1. Matt? Can we still build a southwest salad?

    1. Hey Carrie,

      Indeed you can! Even with the 'build your own' additions and changes to the menu, we do still will take orders for the old recipes.

      --Elise-- (on Matt's behalf)


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