Monday, October 18, 2010

Everyone Loves them

(and then read what staff member Esther has to say) 
First, a confession. I watch Veggie Tales. I’m too old to have claimed to grow up on them, but neither do I have the convenient excuse of having kids in tow when I browse that section of our store. For those with kids, indulge your funny bone, and for those without, rest assured that you’re in good company!
When I was asked to write about “It’s a Marvelous Life” I thought of my favorite Larry the cucumber quote “I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob”. Well (except for the crying) this show would suffice in filling that description.

This mix of spoofs of Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, and It’s a Wonderful Life got all smooshed together to produce what I think may be Veggie Tales most heartwarming “feel-good” show to date. Slightly different from their normal fare, it’ll still appeal to kids and non-kids alike.

It delves into the world of sports, choices, and an adult cast of Veggies.  It also deals sweetly with the topic of adoption. If nothing else, watch it to see Larry (now married to his high school sweetpea sweetheart) say “pshaw” and be a hoodie-wearing football dad!

Note: Despite the look of the cover, it’s not a Christmas focused show, except that it’s set on December 24th.

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