Monday, October 4, 2010

The Big Red Tractor

Miss Denise reads a story
From Denise's desk:
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good children's book...I love to read them out loud, and I love the interaction that can follow. This past week I found a new story to add to my favourites!!

Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God, has written a book for kids called The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village. This is an absolutely delightful tale that instantly grabbed me. It goes something like this: A small farming village loves their big tractor, unfortunately none of them really knows what the tractor can do, they love the size and the sound it makes but it is hard to use and heavy to push (obviously the villagers do not know how to use it properly). All the villagers just think that is the way it is until Farmer Dave uncovers a dusty old book in an attic and discovers the tractor was meant to do much more.

Although the village laughs and makes fun of Farmer Dave, he doesn't give up and soon the tractor is working the way it should thus making the farming easier and more efficient!! The villagers believe it is a miracle and are now able to feed ten times as many people with all the wonderful fruits and vegetables they grow now that the tractor runs the way it was made to run.

I love the page that says, " Did you know that you are like the big red tractor? God made you and knows just how you work best. He wrote a book full of truth that you can read to help you know how to live too." Such a great way to express how God, the Holy Spirit and the Bible work together.

What a fabulous way of helping the special little ones in your life learn about the Bible and how God knows all the great things you can do, with His help of course. Read it to someone you love soon!!!!! ~~Denise

Check out this cute book trailer:

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  1. Here is my satirical observation on the book:
    "You can tweak (owners manuals) to help your effort. I am not against (instruction books), but I do believe there are times when we come to more accurate conclusions through (the) simple (use of the tractor)." (Crazy Love 85)


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