Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Help Your Hurting Friend

      How to Help Your Hurting Friend, through pain. Through illness. Through depression. Through loss. This is a carefully written book. The words are pointed and chosen, with attention and care. Susie Shellenberger has many years of experience working with hurting teens, and she does not take these issues lightly.
  • Making Friends
  • Helping a friend through an Eating Disorder
  • Helping a friend through Depression
  • Helping a friend who's Trapped in the Internet 
  • Helping a friend Cope with an Illness
  • Helping a friend through Self-Destruction
  • Helping a friend who has been Sexually Abused
     She doesn't have all the answers, and she stresses that, multiple times throughout, reminding the reader that they are not a counselor. They can only do what they can do as a friend. They can listen and lean and encourage and support, but that does not expel the need for professional help, and prayer, and more guidance.


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