Monday, July 27, 2015

Sinner's Creed

Sinner's Creed
Scott Stapp
     "I love learning the story behind the story. Whether its a famous writer, musician or business person - what has happened in their life so far? Rock'n'roll biographies are particularly interesting.
     Scott's story seems authentic, honest, real and raw. The stuff he has gone through, the good times and bad - so fascinating and compelling. And all the while making incredible music that has affected the pop scene profoundly.
     I like these words from the last chapter: "I've come to see sin as separation from God. In that respect, I've been a life long sinner, as evidenced by the countless times I've separated myself from Him. Those were acts of willfulness. I call this book Sinner's Creed because I realize that my life as a Christian has always been - and will always be - challenged by these periods of separation."
Also included in this book are the lyrics from the songs that he has written.
I recommend this book as a very worthwhile read."
Lando Klassen
Owner, House of James

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