Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Making a Difference in our Grandkids' lives

We are going to be having an event next week and wanted to share it with you. Ann Griffiths is a local author and speaker who will be in our store to launch an expanded version of her is what she has to say....

Making a Difference in our Grandkids’ Lives
by Ann Griffiths

I can’t imagine what my life would be like today if it were not for my grandma who pretty well raised me. Despite all the heartache and challenges she faced, her sacrifices gave me deep roots from which to grow. And now that I’m a grandma, I want to give my grandchildren what they need from me.

We each come into this world with generations of family history attached to our names. And we each go out of this world having added a chapter or two to our family’s legacy.  Our lives influence our grandchildren and others around us – whether we realize it or not. How will our chapter read? 
Key pillars to our relationship with our grandchildren
1.       Exercise Grace. Give them freedom to be different, provide love and security even when they make mistakes, and offer space where they can be heard and grow without judgment.
2.       Demonstrate Hope. Ask, “When I’m in a difficult situation or circumstances are overwhelming, what am I showing them through my attitudes and actions?”
3.       Be Light. Be a light that penetrates the darkness, walks with compassion, and leads them to The Light.
4.       Live Faith. Inspire them to be courageous, teach them to focus on Sovereign God rather than the storms around them, and never give up – especially on them.
When I wrote Grandma’s Fingerprint it was to pay tribute to my grandma, tell the story of our walk through life together, and encourage grandparents and grandparents-to-be about the vital role they play – whether living far or near to their grandchildren.
Please join us for Grandparents in the House where we’ll launch the expanded version of my book, Grandma’s Fingerprint you will meet a panel of grandparents whose journeys are all different.
Grandparents in the House – Monday, Feb. 23 at House of James (starts at 7:00). Hope you can make it :)

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