4/5 House of James Staff Recommend....

As a bookstore, it's our job to tell you know about the best books....today, that is exactly what we plan to do. I (Denise) fell in love these books (as did Esther and Lynn) but when I read Lauryssa's review, I knew I could not put it any better...

The Staff and Sword Trilogy by Patrick Carr

With the first page, Patrick W. Carr throws you into a world and story with the epic promise of Tolkien's Middle Earth or the myths of Camelot. Errol Stone is a nobody, the village drunk in a quiet little town in Illustra. And he likes it that way. But when he signs up to deliver an urgent message from the church to the local hermit priest for coin, that cherished simple life is thrown out with the bathwater. Errol finds himself being attacked and compelled out of Callowford on a dangerous mission that seems to hold no viable connection to him. With each turn the world around him becomes darker and he is forced to face his past with its demons to overcome the oddsThis tale should be held on the same level as the great stories such as Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia. Brilliantly told and well cast, the book captivates the mind. The story is woven into a vivid and tangible world without the distraction of extensive vocabulary to slow you down. Its intricacies are astounding and well-developed, with unique characteristics to each race, town, kingdom, and class. Throughout the story, Carr only ever reveals as much info as is needed, keeping you on your toes til the very end. It truly is a masterpiece, and a must read for all fantasy lovers! ~Lauryssa Toews 


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