Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 10 Reasons

to come and see us this Fall:

#1 Serving you is what matters most.
It is our privilege to serve you. Your experience in our store matters
personally to us. You are the centerpiece of the work we have been given and we truly hope we can provide something of value to you. We will always do our very best to find what you need! ("Reasons" taken from the current flyer and written by Margo Smith.)

#2 The Real Thing!
Do you love the touch and feel of a real book as much as we do? Do yo
u want them to live on? Online shopping is here to stay and e-books have their appeal but independent, local bookstores with real people selling real books can be part of the future too.

#3 We are Christians.
We don't sell Christian because it's hot. We sell Christian even when it'
s not. We focus on being Christian in everything we do. We would like to think that together we are playing a part in what God is doing in our community.

#4 Independent, local business matters.
Shopping locally provides local employment and contributes to the local economy. We are an independent, local business which sells a wide range of products at fair, competitive prices. We're also a business which encourages Christian devotion and culture in the workplace.

#5 Where we spend our money matters.
Simply by shopping at our store, you are saying you think Christian bookstores and the products we sell matter. We hope we offer a positive shopping alternative amongst a dizzyng array of options. You are the reason our mission continues. Thank you!

You can read the rest of the 10 reasons to come and see us this Fall in our next post. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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