Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chick-Lit (not)

In a previous post I mentioned that it leaves me cold - light romantic fiction for women that is. Now, some followers of this blog may look at the following review and wonder, but truly, this series by Neta Jackson is unusual and outstanding. Book One in the Yada Yada House of Hope novels is entitled Where Do I Go? The titles of the 4 books in the series are taken from the song :"I Go to the Rock" by Dottie Rambo.

Set in Chicago, we follow the life and times of Gabby. The fun-loving, impetuous, red-headed mother of two is about to follow her instincts once too often. When s
he brings a filthy street person home to their penthouse apartment, her husband is not pleased, but he completely loses it when Gabby invites her mother + dog to stay with them. Gabby, her mother, the dog AND her two sons end up at Manna House, a shelter for homeless women. We will get to know Gabby, her sons and many other memorable characters very well in the following two books (4th and last due next year).

I read another Yada Yada book years ago and had forgotten how powerful they are! The Yada Yadas are a group of women who pray together and do life together in downtown Chicago. The author herself lives in Chicago so the voice feels authentic.

The characters are real women with real challenges, growth spurts, weaknesses and joys. Before reading the first book in the series, I was terribly hesitant about opening my home to a stranger. It seemed scary and impossible. But when a young girl came to us needing a temporary home, we did it. And what a huge blessing it has turned out to be! Neta Jackson's character Jodi showed me what it can look like, and it gave me the needed courage.

It really is a marvelous set of books to have in your personal or church library. The four titl
es are, in order: Where Do I Go?, Who Do I Talk To?, Who Do I Lean On? and Who Is My Shelter? (coming March 2011)

I love to look up favourite authors on the internet and it is neat to find out a little bit more about these folks. Dave and Neta Jackson's website is:


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