Saturday, February 17, 2018

Breaking Cover

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   My favourite book so far this year! Granted the year is still young, but I anticipate recommending this incredible story all year long.  Breaking Cover is the stranger than fiction account of Michele Rigby Assad, a former undercover officer in the National Clandestine Service of the US Central Intelligence Agency.  She served for 10 years in this demanding and thankless role together with her Egyptian born husband Joseph, also an agent.  She and her husband were assigned to some of the most dangerous and unpleasant countries on the face of the earth.

   I was intrigued by her ability to emotionally disarm her contacts. Petite, easy on the eyes, friendly ...all qualities she used with great success.  She never compromised her faith in Christ but was still able to detect and defuse, strategize and analyze to the benefit of her country. She had to overcome the "stigma" of being a woman in countries where females are denigrated and denied basic rights. She won the respect and listening ear of those who would have minimized or even ridiculed her abilities as a top and trustworthy operative.
   I am an American so perhaps you will think I am biased in this positive review of a woman who used her honed skills to serve her country. My greatest admiration is reserved however, not for her CIA capability, but her mission AFTER she left the CIA. She and her husband helped lead a rescue mission to relocate internally displaced Iraqis to Slovakia.  Now that brought tears.
   Read and marvel.

--Becky W--

   For more information on Breaking Cover by Michele Rigby Assad, visit our website here.

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