Monday, August 29, 2016

Calling All: Readers & Writers!

     Make the most of your reading and review a book purchased from our store, for a chance to win! Prizes include a free specialty coffee from our coffeeshop or a giftcard to spend in the store. This is your chance to recommend that amazing book that you think everyone should read. Spread your love for words; showcase your talent for writing. If your review is chosen, it will be featured here on our blog, Book Talk, and on the House of James facebook page.

What we're looking for:

     Rate the book out of 5 stars, give us an idea of what it's about, and tell us what you thought about the book. Be sure to include the title and the author's name(s). Keep your word count between 200 and 600 words and email your completed review to, and make sure to mention your own name somewhere at the end of the review or email, so that we know who to give credit to. And especially for fiction book reviews, no spoilers, please! If someone likes your review and wants to read the book, you're not doing them any favours by giving away the ending.

What kind of books?

     Any kind! As long as it's a book that we carry at the House of James, you can review anything from non-fiction to fiction, from kids picture books to books on systematic theology. We want to know what our customers are reading and enjoying.

Kids Reviews?

     If you're 13 years old or younger, don't worry! You can also review a Junior Reader or children's book (picture books do count!), or a tween or teen novel, or non-fiction issue. Either from your own email, or with help from your parents, you only need to write 100-200 words for kids books, or 200-400 for tweens and teens. Kids and teen books are an important part of our store, so we want to know what the you're reading and enjoying, just as much as the adults.


     Our goal is to post a customer review once or twice a month, on Saturdays, so depending on how you all respond, if your review isn't chosen the month you send it in we might just be saving it for the next time! And if you're unsure about anything, or you want some clarification, feel free to email me any questions as well:

Your reviewing checklist:
  • Rate the book /5 stars
  • What it's about: a short summary, an idea of the genre, but no spoilers please!
  • What you thought! Constructive criticism is welcome.
  • The book's title
  • The author's name(s)
  • 200-600 words for regular fiction/non-fiction
  • Your name!
And email everything to

Happy writing!


For an idea of what kind of new books you might like to review, visit our website here.

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