Monday, January 18, 2016

Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl

     I picked up this book fully expecting to be disappointed. I admit that freely. And I also admit, even more freely, that I was pleasantly surprised by the exact opposite of disappointment. This is not another one of those list books that pretends to answer all of life's questions in a less-than-two-digit-step-process. Paula Hendricks writes with feeling, and wisdom, and a great amount of love.

     This book is not for everybody. It's written for teens - I would say 13+, but it depends on the person - but I have a feeling the older teen would appreciate it all the more, even if it is written for a younger audience. And definitely dependent on the place you're at in life, emotionally and in terms of maturity. But for me, it was encouraging. And empowering. And demonstrative of how a young woman might draw closer to God.

     If you ever need confirmation that being single, in a world permeated by the lust for companionship and intimacy, can be entirely beneficial and fulfilling thing, this is an excellent conduit of that sentiment.

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