Monday, December 21, 2015

Steven James Feature

      For gripping, intense, and thrilling, Steven James is the man to go to. Some time ago I read Pawn, book one of the Patrick Bower Files. And I remember being spellbound. This time around, I started book one of the Jevin Banks series, Placebo, to the same result. I haven't read a book this feverishly in some time.

     Jevin Banks suffers tragedy right out of the first chapter, with the death of his wife and twin sons, but the rest of the story doesn't really start until some time later. He's moved from magician to running his own reality TV series, debunking psychics and certain "research" that seems to always prove to be fraudulent. But with the next case, things don't turn out anywhere near how he intends. Least of all with the debunking.

     Fast-paced, never-ending action, and a pile of conspiracy theories to sift through, James keeps you guessing until the end of the pages, and while he doesn't necessarily end on a glaring cliffhanger, he leaves enough questions unanswered that I am ready to dive into book two. Singularity, which follows the same main character in new, twisting action.


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