Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Music Feature

We've been having some technical difficulties lately, but Book Talk is back up and running! Here we see the Return of Rob with TobyMac’s latest release:
     "A similar vibe to "Eye On It" and a tip of the hat to his former band dc Talk.  “This Is Not a Test” features a song from dc Talk and a number with Toby's Son TruDog.  Capital Kings, MR. Talkbox, NF and Hollyn add to this ear-worm.  Once it’s in your head, you’re addicted to it.  This CD has a Justin Timberlake-Black Eyed Peas-dcTalk flavor.  Check out the  "Feel It" video online below: http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=1BJF91NU"
     We've been listening to it for a few weeks in the store, and even after having it stuck in my head for days, I still enjoy it quite a lot. Great sound and lyrics, quite catchy - TobyMac hasn't failed me yet!


For more information on the CD "This Is Not a Test" by TobyMac, visit our website here; and here for the deluxe edition.

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