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We've been having some technical difficulties lately, but Book Talk is back up and running! Here we see the Return of Rob with TobyMac’s latest release:
     "A similar vibe to "Eye On It" and a tip of the hat to his former band dc Talk.  “This Is Not a Test” features a song from dc Talk and a number with Toby's Son TruDog.  Capital Kings, MR. Talkbox, NF and Hollyn add to this ear-worm.  Once it’s in your head, you’re addicted to it.  This CD has a Justin Timberlake-Black Eyed Peas-dcTalk flavor.  Check out the  "Feel It" video online below:"
     We've been listening to it for a few weeks in the store, and even after having it stuck in my head for days, I still enjoy it quite a lot. Great sound and lyrics, quite catchy - TobyMac hasn't failed me yet!


For more information on the CD "This Is Not a Test" by TobyMac, visit our website here; and here for the deluxe edition.


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