Thursday, December 15, 2011

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The most recent issue of National Geographic celebrates the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. What perfect timing as we celebrate the first coming of the One who is spoken of in those Scriptures. 

In more "Bible" news, it was tremendously encouraging to read in Joel Rosenberg's latest email that  Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will soon be hosting a weekly Bible study in his home. Wow. I could hardly believe my eyes. After all these years, the Bible is still revered, read, studied and followed, even by folks who would not call themselves "Christians". 

At our last staff meeting, Rick, who works in our Bible Reference Dept., highlighted two Bibles that you will want to know more about.  The first was the English Standard Version (ESV)  Student Study Bible.  One of the many preachers who recommends the ESV is Mark Driscoll.  I watched him preach from it last Sunday.  He has been preparing sermons from the book of Luke for the last 2 years and says that the ESV Study Bible is the best out there.  

Rick says, "For many people the ESV Study Bible represents the "highwater mark" in study Bibles. Experts like John Piper have called it the "best study Bible ever". However it is massive -- two million words, 2700 pages -- enough weight to make it a chore to carry around. It is also more comprehensive than many people want or need.  But.... the ESV Student Study Bible is a great alternative! It is shorter, more fun and basically an edited version of the notes that made the ESV Study Bible the incredible source that it is.  For people who want a good study Bible, don't let the word "student" throw you....shouldn't we all be students of the Word?"

The second version Rick told us about was the recently updated New International Version (NIV).  "Zondervan recently revamped the NIV translation, and they have used this opportunity to expand and revamp their study Bible as well. It is now more colourful, laid out better and more attractive. Don't assume that it is the old NIV Study Bible in a new cover. Check it out!"

Full colour maps and illustrations give this well loved and much used version a whole new look and voice.  Hear Professor Douglas Moo, Chair of the Committee on Bible Translation share his perspective.

A new Bible makes a wonderful gift at Christmas time. Come and see what we have for yourself.

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