Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fear or Freedom?

My friend Grace Fox has just published her new Bible study.  Last fall Grace taught her course, entitled "Moving from Fear to Freedom" in our coffee house. Speaking to a live audience, Grace spoke about:

**Overcoming the fear of inadequacy and becoming confident about using our giftedness to make a difference
**Conquering the fear of rejection and understanding our personal worth
**Facing the future with courage when our circumstances cave in...and much more.

The sessions were professionally filmed and have now been turned into a marvelous Bible study aid.

I first heard Grace speak on this topic 2 years ago at a ladies' conference up at Camp Stillwood. Real stories, from a real woman that I could relate to! A woman with a big heart, an authentic faith, love for God and His Word and undiminished enthusiasm!  We were touched by God's Spirit in a special way. I felt like I had been given hand-crafted tools and very practical helps that I could take home with me. Read this short excerpt from the beginning of the book.

Fear made me miserable. It robbed my joy and stole my sleep. It churned my stomach and seized my neck muscles.  I recall a chiropractor working on my knotted neck and shoulders and asking, "So, Grace, what unpleasantry is happening in your life this time?"
Several years passed before I more fully understood fear's unhealthy and hindering role in my life and learned how to deal with it.  Since I began grasping and applying specific Scriptural truths and principles, my journey of Moving from Fear to Freedom has been an ongoing adventure. It has transformed me and taken me to heights I'd never imagined. Peace has replaced my anxious thought; confidence has replaced insecurity.
Grace has spoken on 100 Huntley Street and at many women's events nationally and globally. She and her husband are co-directors of International Messengers Canada and they take missions teams overseas every year. 

This marvelous study can be done personally or as a group.  As you look towards the fall, consider taking this course!  Grace has done the hard work, All you have to do is to use the materials.  There is a dvd and a participant's guide, both based on the book of the same name. I guarantee a life-changing experience! Watch this youtube clip:

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