Thursday, January 13, 2011

♪ May auld books not be forgot this year ♫

It has been awhile since posting...we apologize for the lapse in time but there has been much happening and like any blogger, unfortunately we were temporarily overwhelmed by the multiple tasks and jobs that had to be done...forgive us :)

Now that the busy season is over and we have some time to reflect there is much that can and should be written, I will stick simply to the book that I read this past few is not new, it is an older story written in 1997, it is a story about relationships, a book about dying, a book about lessons. One old man and one young. A story of renewed friendships. This book is about Morrie Schwartz, a university professor dying from ALS and his former student Mitch Albom.

The reason this story is the one I chose...well it touched me...the conversations between student and mentor include acceptance, communication, love, happiness and values. An inspirational story of how one man chose to die and what another learned along the way.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a great book and although it is not new it was certainly worth reading.


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