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Our Castle by the Sea

            I have been blown away by Lucy Strange. Our Castle by the Sea is her second novel and all I can think about after I've set this book down is that I hope she writes forever. I want to read everything she writes and I'm 26. How lucky the newer generations are to have an author like her!  Our Castle by the Sea , like Lucy Strange's first novel The Secret of Nightingale Wood , is again listed as juvenile fiction for 8-12 year-olds, but again like the first novel, I think any one older than that would find enjoyment in reading and learning what war is like from an 11 year-old girl's perspective.  Autumn 1939 -- "On the very first day of the war, Mags came home with a split lip."And after this, everything in Pet's life changes. WWII has barely started, but the people of Stonegate feel it. Anyone of German decent is arrested, including Pet's mom, and Pet can't imagine that anything could get worse, but it does. Growing up in a lighthouse,